Chester High School Class of 1962 2002 Renion

I wish they'd have these things more often. I got back to Chester, Illinois half way through the
homecoming game, so I missed much of the first day's celebration. Thank goodness I ran into Joe Parker
and we bummed around together all Saturday Morning. Southern Illinois looks more beautiful every time
I go back. I'm looking forward to 2012.

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Ghosts of the Past...

Twas a perfect afternoon.

While Bernie is taking our picture, I clicking away too...

Smoke signals.

Food sets in.

I wander off and take pictures in the dusk

Shadows by the fire.

At least I didn't win any Depends.

I was lucky, I got a bottle of Bernie's Berries.

1997 Reunion

At Three Springs Lodge
(photo thanx to Bernie Weithorn)

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