A Gulch, A Railroad, and a River

October 2005

I was a guest at the Fields of Honor Game Convention in Des Moines, Iowa over the first weekend of the month.
Well, Des Moines is one third of the way to my favorite place, so I had to go on.

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On a beautiful sunny October Sunday while I was there, Chris and I were lucky
enough to travel to State Bridge and then follow the old Denver & Salt Lake
tracks past Radium and up to Gore Canyon. Here we've stopped along Colorado
State Highway 131 between Wolcott and State Bridge. I took a panorama without
benifit of a tripod (not a good idea). This is what I eventually cobbled together.

Just as we drove down to Radium, I took these pictures of the Colorado. A canoe
and some rafts went by but I missed them in my panorama.

More to come...

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