Popeye Picnic Rained Out!

This page is mostly for those of us who went & Uncle Bob & Aunt Dorothy. All others feel free to browse our trip.

Loading up at Delavan

Layover at the Starved Rock Lock & Dam

Click on this picture for my animation of the Nan

We Crossed the Mississippi Twice before Heading West

First we headed to Southern Illinois to pick up GFRED,
but his band had to play the Popeye Picnic, so we did some touring.

Dawn has us drive by an old family homstead in Chester

We crossed over the Chester Bridge, and drove around Kaskaskia Island to St. Genevieve
where we passed this record of river floods. Read the markings.

The Modoc Ferry: the boat was taking on water faster than they could pump it out.

Fort Chartres

Fort Kaskaskia

I was on the merry go round (it needed a grease job.)

The Colorado Railroad Museum

Thunderstorms broke up the Popeye Picnic, so before midnight, we recrossed the Chester Bridge and headed west. It stormed most of the way across Missouri. Sun rose at Kansas City, but I didn't take any more pictures until we hit Golden.

The Continental Divide

In Frisco

At the Summit County Public Library. GFred reads about the Moffat Road
while I check e-mail. Ten Mile Peak (background) went unclimbed by us yet again.

First thing we did that night was hit Safeway for steaks.

Over Fremont Pass to Leadville

We board the Leadville Colorado & Southern

Dawn & ghost sitting in the same box in the Tabor Opera House.

Ham on Stage.

The causeway for Baby Doe went through the slightly larger (5th) window on the side.

Chris & GFred do their bit to fill in the Clinton Gulch Resevoir.

Over Fremont Pass Again, heading for the Alpine Tunnel

There were deer in the Love Meadow on our way back

Trying to Keep part of the Alley Belle Mine from falling over.
Check out Colorado Ghost Towns.

A mountain spring beside the roadbed

I bring up the rear on the three and a half mile hike up the Railroad Bed from Hancock.
(I think that's Tincup pass up in the far right)

Almost to the East Portal.

As far as I would go. The crumbled Alpine tunnel is behind Chris & Dawn.
GFred & Jason went up to the top and looked down on the facilities on the other side.

Chris above Tunnel Gulch

At Romley, looking down toward St. Elmo.

Tom & GFred Cross Vail Pass & Go Train Watching Along & Above the Colorado River

On the road to Stone Bridge.

Where we find a great volcanic rock for Carol.

We Settle in at Yarmony to wait for the California Zephyr

It arrives an hour and a half late.

There's a freight train crawling up the valley by Azure.

This train passed us in Kremmling while we were getting gas. By the
time we got back to Frisco, it was probably in or near the Moffat Tunnel.

GFred, check this out: looks like we should have explored a bit more.

Those who stayed home that day relaxed (bridge over 10 Mile Creek)

Over Hoosier Pass to Fairplay

It was raining, so we didn't pose by the sign.

GFred is standing on a pile of fool's gold in South Park City.

A face in the caboose.

Dawn by the pot bellied stove in the General Store.

Having Eaten Chili at the Como Depo, we cross Boreas Pass to return to Frisco

What's left of the DSP&P roundhouse at Como.

Walking along the roadbed, on the way up. Soon we get rain.

The storm blew over and raindrops on the bushes were glowing in the sunlight.

Looking back down at South Park.

Chris, Dawn, & Jason disappear to the West, leaving GFred among the ruins of the DSP&P.

Frisco Things

Chris & Tippi Hedren do Birds

Convenient but not well prepared for gas attacks

Last Nite and monsterburgers

Saturday... A Goose is running at the Colo RR Museum

Packed & ready (but not happy) to leave Frisco.
Dawn asked me who took this picture... I cheated and cut and pasted it from the next photo.

Group Photo

Back at the Colo RR Museum.

Our last few moments of tourism. Pizza at Woody's in Golden, followed by the General Store.

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