On the Uncompahgre Plateau (and Ophir)

on 8mm film

I finally took Dad's 8mm films of this trip to be processed into DVD format. These are some stills I captured from those precious few moments of moving pictures he took. He spent way too much time taking movies of unmoving mountains, and way too little time taking pictures of moving trains. On the film we have 2 seconds of RGS Motor #6, and about 2 seconds of the freight train approaching the Ophir loop on trestle 45A. Also, there's a nice shot of old Ophir... when nobody lived there.

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Me, Mom, and Aunt Dorothy

Bob, Nancy, & Dorothy

We visited a real ghost town: Old Ophir (it isn't anymore, now it's just a big subdivision)

A Rio Grande Southern freight on on bridge 45A, just a few hundred feet from Ophir and the Ophir Loop

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