The famous FurBill, husband of FurBina

Father of Furdinand, Furocious, FurUnionPacific, and FurCentralPacific

Temporary cat lord of the Hotel Clair (TSR at the time) between 1978 and 1980.

FurBill was an expert at fetching and returning aluminum foil balls which I would toss down the empty halls of TSR at night. On summer evenings, Ernie Gygax and I would climb up on the roof, lean back and sip a brew or two. FurBill would always accompany us and walked perilously along the edge, defying gravity and terrifying his erstwhile owner. The big sport up there, however, was chasing the high speed birds which swept by.

Later, when I moved out of the old hotel to a small house, FurBill (who had not been fixed) eventually opted for the feral life, but came back for a visit now and then.

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