And then there's...

"This Bed's no good Min..."
"I don't know Henry, it's still got four legs..."
"I know, but two of them are mine!"
Where to buy Goon Shows

"Drive this Lighthouse to Bombay and I'll give you
a life size model of Jayne Mansfield made of red jelly."
"Ooh! Does she wobble?"
In the right places, laddie!"
The Goon Show Preservation Society

The Goon Show Liberation Army

"I don't know who you are sir,
but you've done me a power of good!"
Tim Prescott's Flash & Spon Goon Site

I look forward to sitting on a bench in East Finchley with
Spike Milligan thanks to the The Finchley Society.

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This page updated December 12, 2004