With apologies to the faint of heart

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo
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Herefollows my secret recipe for Mr. Hankey burgers...

they're a real hit with the kids.

Step one

Prepare your burger mix as desired... I use lots of garlic, pepper, Woostershire Sauce, and McCormik spices.

Step two

roll your mix into Mr. Hankey shapes...
(remember, they must look like they've passed through your digestive system)

Step three

Cook the little buggers.

So they're finally done!

Prepare Pleasingly

They're also great not on a bun... just dip them in sauce.

Today I was working on the Guiness Record Mr. Hankey Burger

It started at 3/4 pounds, but it's much shorter now due to gnawing.

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This page updated April 16, 2005