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Hey, my supplement to
the Awful Green Things
From Outer Space TOOTFAP
is in print. Get yours
in Crusader Magazine #20,
published by Troll Lord Games.

Art for Sale

Currently I don't have any drawings on hand to sell, sorry.

Znutar Crew

I've been selling hand drawn Snits (and and now all sorts of other stuff) at the GENCON auction and other places. You can possibly win one if you play in a Whamathon. If you fail to get to a Whamathon, I'm selling some here on my page. Shown above are the current items in stock.

Note: these are not the original artwork from my games. They are sometimes copies, or elaborations from my games or my sketchbooks.

Email me before you send payment (I prefer Pay Pal), and I'll take your selection off the for sale list. The drawings come on 8" by 10" pieces of Crescent board (you have to do the framing). They are done using permanant markers (not laser printed) and, of course, signed by the author/artist. $59 each (unless otherwise marked), postage paid in the U.S.A.

Games for Sale

Bear in mind that handmade by me means just that. I use Crescent Borard for the pieces. Game parts are color laser printed on sticky back paper, plastic laminated, and then cut out by hand. Then I use mostly the very expensive Avery, clean edge buisness cards for card games. Everything is hand assembled and laboriously cut out with a pair of super Friskars. I can't outsource the work to a foreign country, so my help demands almost $5 per hour to work for me (I'm hard to get along with sometimes). Thus the price of Handmade by Tom games are way above what you would pay for a commercially produced in China game.

FELITHIAN FINANCE: For 2 to 7 players. This game is the third in the Space Baron's (coming to this page soon) series and has been turned down by 1 game company. I intend to sell it over the net for a while. Playing time 30 - 45 minutes. There's a deck of strange stocks and some maneuvers, an interesting playing board, bluff & guile. Players try to make the corporations in which they own the most shares become the most valuable. Includes a stock deck, corporate markers, two dice, galactic credits, a playing board,rules and a box. $219 each, postpaid in the U.S.A.

BATTLING SPACESHIPS: For 2 to 6 players, playing time 1 hour. This game has been turned down by 2 game companies, but I like it and so do many of my friends. So I intend to sell it over the net for a while. Bear in mind that it is handmade by me so the price is way above what you would pay for a commercially produced game. There's a deck of space ship parts that are dealt out to the players, who then build their space fleet, fight each other, become a pirate and raid the space lanes, or peacefully carry cargo. Includes a bag full of tiles, cargo counters, six dice (the game being played above was at a convention and I added extra dice), asteroid bases, transit counters,rules and a box. $229 each, postpaid in the U.S.A.

GREEDY BILLIONAIRES: For 2 to 6 players, playing time 1 hour. This game has been turned down by 1 game company, but I like it and so do many of my friends. So I intend to sell it over the net for a while. Bear in mind that it is handmade by me so the price is way above what you would pay for a commercially produced game. The photos are of the prototype, which includes a bell from Parker Brother's Pit. When I run out of Pit bells, I'll have to order some over the internet and they won't be orange. The game plays a tiny bit like monopoly but is really totally different. Players attempt to accumulate interlocking groups of corporations that feed off one another so as to avoid paying money to anyone else. The picture shows plastic pieces from MB's old Easy Money game, but I've run out of those. So the game I'm selling will include hand cut cardboard markers, plastic pawns, a mounted game board, mounted property cards, dice, rediculous money, rules, News Cards, Earnings Cards, and, of course, the bell. $229 each, postpaid in the U.S.A.

HALFANUTZ: For 2 to 6 players, playing time 1/2 to 1 hour. My first game with NO DICE! It's a little bit of can't stop with a lot of other silly stuff included. The price is $119 U.S.

Ebony & Lavender Dragon Lairds: You'll need to already have a copy of the MWP game: Dragon Lairds. It adds New rules, two new clans and the ability to play the game with 6 or 7 players if you really want to. However, the expansion makes a three or four player game a lot more fun. The cards are not perfect and they're almost handmade, but they do the job and add a lot of cool stuff to the game. For sale at $44 each... postpaid in the U.S.A.

Moose Quest: A card game for 2 to 5 players, featuring Koplow Moose Dice. Has undergone a thorough revision in August and Septermber 2009 and has been greatly simplified. Playing time has been cut by 1/3. The new edition is now avialable. It features three decks of cards, rules, a box, dice, and a silly ecology lesson. $99 postpaid in the U.S.A.

Iron Dragon Supplement: You'll need Mayfair's Iron Dragon game to use this. It adds New rules, new engines, new ships, encounters, and mercenaries to the game. The game features a bunch of new locos (which you must cut out with a pair of scissors), a new ship deck (on prepunched buisness cards), a Mercenary Deck (also on prepunched buisness cards) and rules for everything. $36 each... postpaid in the U.S.A.

Colorado Railroads: I am in the middle of revising this game for a steadfast customer... so don't order one just now. It is a cross between 18xx and crayon and a lot of other stuff. Not everything is on hand so it will take me at least a two months to make one, so don't expect instant delivery. This is the moster of my handmade games and is a real pain to put together. $299 each, postpaid in the U.S.A.

A Backgammon variant... boy is it a variant! The pieces do combat to see who gets sent back to the bar, you can build fortifications and the Summoner does something really special. You must provide your own Backgammon Board. (I'm working on one, but it's not ready yet) Appeared in the Crusader Magazine (winter 2006 edition) from Troll Lord Games. You can buy it from them... check their website, or buy a very different (less blurry, and already mounted on cardboard) version from me. Includes counters (which I have laminated and labouriously cut out) a (2009) mounted expansion, and rules. $55 each... postpaid in the USA.

Not Handmade by Tom Wham things for Sale

I'm out of Tom Wham's Gangster Game which was the centerfold of a Gameplay Magazine #11, January, 1984.

You might find these next items on Ebay for less... but if you can't, here they are at my cost...
And If you get them from me, they come autographed (unless you say otherwise).

I have a few copies of Elefant Hunt still in the Dragon magazines.
(comes with errata sheet) $49 postage paid in the U.S.A.

I have a one copy of Dragon #72 with the original File-13 in the center. $79 postage paid in the U.S.A.

The above items fit in Priority mail envelopes (or a Priority or UPS Box) and you can save postage on multiple item orders.

My prices are in U.S. Dollars!

I prefer that you pay by Pay Pal, (my address for that is:

... note the "p" after tw) but I will accept Checks and Money Orders (I won't ship till they clear).

Wisconsin Residents: I'm sorry, but I'm not currently set up to deal with you, maybe soon.

My prices keep going up only in relation to my cost of living.

My address is:

Tom Wham
P.O. Box 721
Lake Geneva

All prices include Priority Mail or UPS delivery in the United States. Negotiate with me if you want delivery to another country.

My eBay Items: TWEBAY

Video Wanted

If anyone knows where I can find a video copy of Armando Acosta's 1990 Film "Romeo & Juliet" starring John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave, Ben Kingsley, and over 120 cats... I'm interested.

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