Dawn on the Trail Ridge, Peak to Peak to Golden & then Frisco

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George, Tom, and Fred up on top of the world.

Longs Peak is the last tall flattop thing on the left!

I awoke early Friday and tried to stir folks for a sunrise on the Trail Ridge, but the only taker I got was GFred... and he complained bitterly of the lack of coffee. The views were spectacular. Later, we came back to Estes Park and the photographer part of me died. (It had to be my game leg...I was still walking like Long John Silver). I failed to photograph packing up and saying goodbye to Chris & Heather. Our trip to the Grubstake cafe (they have, without doubt, the worlds best eggs benedict).

We then did some serious shopping and I finally bought myself a $3 trilobite fossil. After that it was miniature golf with Longs Peak for a backdrop. Then we trekked the Peak to Peak highway (still without photo record). Turned for Golden just outside of Nederland and did the Colorado Railroad Museum. Finally, on our way back, I got out the camera for our brief stop at Silver Plume. The friendly trainfolk there advised us to come back tomorrow as they would be running all three engines, pulling two trains!

Silver Plume, visiting the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

Brandon was a bit unhappy because we stopped here rather than
rush back to Frisco in time for the Simpsons

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