Georgetown Loopfest

Gfred & Brandon Packed up early Saturday and headed home. I putzed around Frisco house, cleaning and tidying up. Around Noon, I was off (with my new Re Bike spread all over the back two seats). Since I was in a hurry to visit the Georgetown Loop Railroad, I took I-70, bypassed Silver Plume and went directly to the Devils Gate station... where I discovered I had to buy tickets back in the old Depot back in Georgetown.

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On the bridge

The following is being written in 2006 after many changes to the GTL.
They're gone now, the two beautiful Shays and number 40, thanks to the greed of
the Colorado Historical Society. In the place of the three is a nice engine from Alaska,
but it looks nothing like anything that ran in Colorado... and there's only one of it!

Thanks to Chama Choo Choo for the sound.

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