On the Uncompahgre Plateau

color slides

While out in Denver this year, Uncle Bob gave me some pictures he had taken back in 1951. Many thanks!

My dad had taken us out to southwestern Colorado in our 1949 Plymouth for a visit. It was the infamous year he promised we'd come back next year and ride on a Goose (Rio Grande Southern).

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Sister Nina, Aunt Dorothy, and Cousin Nancy

Nina, Aunt Dorothy (front), Mom (with Coors), Nancy (red hat), Me (peeking over my dad's back), & dad (blur)

Dorothy, Me (rear view), Mom, & Nina (in great brown coveralls).

Nancy, Aunt Dorothy, & Mom

A less blurry view of dad in the distance

I'm showing off my lack of front teeth, Uncle bob is holding Nancy

These were Uncle Bob's slides... Part 2 are stills from Dad's movies.

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