Where I spent the war, Part 2

What I spent most of my time dreaming about...

Wife Patty (and son Chris, who popped out in May while we were on our way home).

What Wargames Lead to...

I was sitting on the deck one evening, messing with a bunch of little cardboard cutouts of Russian and Japanese battleships. Mr. Cecconi walked up and inquired as to what I was doing. I explained that I was designing a game about the Battle of Tsushima. To my amazement, he pointed out that the Mikasa (Admiral Togo's flagship at that battle) was on display here at the Yokosuka Naval base. I was over there in a flash. A nice Japanese couple wanted their picture taken with an American sailor. They took down my address and mailed it to me a few months later. My son Chris loaned me this photo (a bit worse for wear.) I know why he was carrying it around. On the back some numbers were written... his birthday. So now I know where I was, and what my wife was doing on a certain day in May, 1968.

The view from the Quarterdeck

Note the frills above. Unfortunatly, I don't recognize the backs of the guys in this photo.

Comdesdiv 42 departing

Captain Tice in civvies!

Radio Guys

Larry Hearn and Harold Ray... almost larking (Hearn looks a bit serious)

Eric and one of the local Girls

Some Contributions from our Comm Officer

Mr. Cecconi on the Commodore's Gig off Italy, 1969.

Mr. Cecconi (center) on the port wing with Captain Snyder (front).

Cartoon version of Mr. Cecconi as the Compleat Comm Officer.
(click on the image for a larger view)
He credits me with having drawn this, but I must beg off, some other
shipmate is responsible (it's just not my style). So... any ex Dewey's out
there want to prove they drew this? Email me at tw@tomwham.com.

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