Where I spent the war, Part 3

Our Engineer

Lt. Tiedemann on his Steam Powered Bicycle, setting out for Sasebo.

Messdeck Moments

The place where the bread smelled so good and the eggs were usually greenish.

Where I played many a game of Acquire
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Pete enjoying kp
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Missiles Away

I think that's one of our ASROC's being fired (left) and I know the other is a non-nuclear Terrier

Back Home, Sort Of

Going back to the USA thru the Panama Canal.

After our VietNam cruise, we went to a NATO NAVAL review in England.
I got to visit the HMS Victory. This final photo is from when we were
in drydock in Toulon.

The Dewey took me to war and brought me back alive. I made many good friends aboard this "Bath Built" ship. The Dewey carried me to the far corners of the world and weathered storms you wouldn't believe. I felt safe and secure inside her. She was as fine a home as I could ever wish for... and I wish I could return to that life (not the war, however).

Later the Dewey became DDG-45

But there's sad conclusion...
Check out the disposition of the Dewey on this web page. Coontz Class DDG Statistics

A shipmate's Dewey Page (great photo of the Dewey, right off) Michael Gormady's Dewey Page.

Mr. Cecconi, Thank You!

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