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Feudality began about four years ago and spent a long time making the rounds of the game tables in Lake Geneva. Soon it began traveling to conventiions like Rock Con, The Lake Geneva Gaming Hoopla's and GaryCon. I've dragged it to two GENCONs, and finally,in 2010, it was among 5 prototype games I gave to Z-Man (Zev Schlesinger) to look at. Eventually he responded, and he kind of liked it. Zev sent it to Hanno Girke...

who changed the name to Feudalherren. It came out thru Lookout Games in October of this year after appearing a at the Essen Game Fair.

Here is a link (in Microsoft Word) if you would like to download Feudalherren rules in English. These are from the prototype, but there weren't many changes. English rules to Feudality prototype.

Well time has passed, and Feudality is now out in the USA in English. Here is a link (in Microsoft Word) to an FAQ for the English Version of Feudality... Feudality FAQ.
I will be updating this as more questions come in...

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