Tom Wham Games & Books

In (as best as I can remember)
chronological order of their appearance in print.


Snit Smashing

Snit's Revenge

The Long March

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space

Search for the Emperor's Treasure

Planet Busters


King of the Tabletop (became Kings & Things)

Elefant Hunt

File 13

Tom Wham's Gangster Game

Mertwig's Maze

The Great Khan Game

The Gauntlet

Colorado Railroads

Prospero's Isle

In quest of herbiverous Canadians
(but not Don Perrin, who is a fowl eater)
Moose Quest



Battling Space Ships

Felithian Finance

Dragon Lairds (James M. Ward & Me)

Ebony & Lavender Dragon Lairds (James M. Ward & Me)

Feudality (Feudalherren)

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