Some Problems
With Organized Crime:
Errata and suggestions
for Tom Wham’s Gangster Game

As with all human endeavor, there's err. Such was the case with the typesetter who worked on the rules to GANGSTERS as it appeared in the January 1984 issue of GAMEPLAY. The following corrections need to be made if you hope to play the game to any degree of success...

The Infamous Missing Rule

1. When a player's token lands on an empty warehouse, he may set up a still therein for the small sum of $5000 (to pay for equipment). Upon payment of this fee to the bank, the player receives the underworld property card for the warehouse and places it face up on the table in front of him. This indicates ownership of an operating still. Each operating still pays its owner $40,000 when his token passes the Big Payoff.

2. When a player's token lands on an operating still belonging to another gang, he may do one of two things:

A. Nothing, and just sit there peacefully.
B. Try to knock the joint over and take possession (see KNOCKING OVER A JOINT). If the take over attempt is successful, the new owner must pay $5000 for new equipment, as the place was wrecked during the battle.

The Strange Case of Garbly

Under the explanations of the Stool Pigeon cards on page 37...

CEMENT BOOTS should read: Pay $5000 to the Acme Concrete Company of suffer a fate similar to the one pictured on the card (do not advance to the casino).

ADVANCE TO THE RR STATION should read: The player drawing this card moves his token to the RR Station and may, if he wishes, pick up two cronies.

The Terrible Price of Inflation

The fee at the Chequered Crab Company should read $5000 per space and the Parking Fee at the Airport should be $5000. A certain game designer changed all the $1000 bills in the local currency to $5000 bills and forgot to change the gameboard. This also makes paying half your cash sometimes difficult at Income Tax. When in doubt, round off up.

The Airport of No Return

There should be two way traffic arrows on both sides of the parking space at Ricketyback Field. If a player goes to the airport to shoot someone, he might want to get back out again to a life of crime.

OK that was the errata, now for some modifications made by the designer since 1984.

Learning from experience.

The rules tell you to place $50,000 under each bank at the beginning of the game. The game will end much sooner if you start each bank with $100,000.

Newer Better Courtroom

And Finally, use this chart to do Trials, sometimes you can actually bribe your way out:



Innocent -
Player free to go
Innocent -
Player free to go
Pay $20,000 fine or
1 power token bribe
Pay 40,000 fine or
2 power token bribe
Pay $40,000 fine or
2 power token bribe
Pay $80.000 fine or
4 power token bribe
Go to Staitville or
3 power token bribe
Go to The Rock or
6 power token bribe
Go to Staitville or
4 power token bribe
Go to The Rock or
8 power token bribe
Go to Staitville
(no bribe allowed)
Go to The Rock
(no bribe allowed)

So maybe I should just type up a new set of rules... Someday I will, for now you'll just have to make do.

Thanks for playing,

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