In 1980, TSR issued a series of Minigames. I managed to get one of my designs accepted. It was loosely based on the SS Manhattan, an ice-breaking tanker, that made the first Northwest Passage in 1969. Unfortunately there were two mishaps... one avoidable, and the other not. The rules editor garbled how to start the game, but normal gamers can figure this out. The other problem was the format, which of course, could not be avoided. My playtest game had a nice large map, cute little cardboard ships, and wooden Risk pieces for fuel and cargo. The mini map and wafer thin counters in the game makes play next to impossible.

The cover and the map inside were excellently done by Lake Geneva artist and friend, Harry Quin. You can still find copies of Icebergs occasionally on eBay or at the GENCON auction.

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