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A brief biography: Something about this Tom Wham guy.

College Days with the SIU Male Glee Club: Robert Kingsbury, Director
This one has pretty large JPEG and MP3 files in it!

Where I spent the war:

Large Guys with their hands in their pockets (it was cool that day):
Lake Geneva Castle & Crusade Society II

The door to the men's room in Jane's bar ('84): MEN

Christmas 1996 at McDonalds
A large gathering of Southern Illinois Whams

Another large gathering of Southern Illinois Whams

A long overdue gathering of formerly (or still) Chester, Illinois Whams
D-Day 2008 near Goreville, two shakes from the UP tracks, I57, and a trampoline...

Chester High School Class of '62 Reunions

An ex wife: Patrice J.

Mother Mary: Wimmin who wake me up a crucial moments on TSR stairway landings

Another Mother Mary: Chris & Dawn's Gramm

I've become a FRN

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