Mertwig's Maze

This game lived in a brown cardboard box for about 5 years before getting published. It started as just a card game with no framework, and the map and the world grew later.

It was going to be published by Gary Gygax's start up company after he broke with TSR but they ran out of dough before the game saw daylight. Fortunately, Jim Ward was some sort of head honcho at TSR and I managed to sell it to them... provided they could pass it off as some sort of D&D product. That is why it is set in Forgotten Realms. A TSR employee, whose name I no longer remember gave me a map, of just where the lands of King Mertwig were really located. The place is Just off the main road North of Ravensgate, in the mountains between Hlintar and Kurth.

Mertwigs Maze stuff
For players of the game, here's a supplement:
The Tallest Tree (This is a large file, click only if you need it).

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