Ebony and Lavender Dragon Lairds

Copyright 2008 by James M. Ward and Tom Wham

This expansion adds two new clans with lots of naughty new powers to Dragon Lairds... And the ability to play the game with 6 or 7 players (it will take 2 hours or more to play then).

Jim and I originally pitched this to MWP for release at GenCon 2006, after the release of Dragon Lairds at Origins that year. Well a lot of stuff got in the way, and Dragon Lairds stayed on a back burner for quite a while. But at last it's 2008 and it's out. They weren't interested in doing the supplement, so Jim and I did it ourselves (at least this first print run). If there's demand, maybe they'll do it up right.

The problems: The cards produced in China are thinner than the ones printed in the USA and they're covered with a coating the makes them darker and harder to bend (our printer couldn't do that). The cards in our supplement are thicker and look different.

The backs of the cards from China bleed red to the edge. Our new cards have a black outline and a bit of a red outline and no bleed to the edge.

We have shuffled them with a Chinese printed deck. It's not perfect, but it can be done. You can easily see the supplement cards coming, but with some effort you can shuffle the decks together.

You only need to use the insert for 7 players when you have 6 or more players, otherwise just use the existing game board. The new cards look different, but if you think about it, it really doesn't matter. Because the cards get turned up in sequence and displayed face up.

To store everything in the box, divide all the cards in half, wrap them with the two new rubber bands, and put them in the 2 card slots. Everything will still fit. I lift up the plastic insert and put the Cup and the Royalty underneath.

They're virtually handmade, but at last they're available. See my Stuff page for how to order one.

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This page updated August 20, 2008