An "educational" card game about the lives and perils of moose herds. Between 1994 & 1998, a limited run of hand-made copies were laboriously produced and sold (or given away) by yours truly (about 15 in all). I just revised it and currently have a few copies of the 2004 version for sale. I hope I can persuade a game company to pick this up.

At a long ago Winter Fantasy, Jean Rabe and Skip Williams (in ancient TSR days) found a trophy with a moose on top, for me to award as a prize at the Wham-A-Thon (which was an orgy of my games over the length of the convention.) This tradition stuck, and soon there were Wham-A-Thons at Autumn Revel and Spring Revel as well.

TSR's quarterly revels are now a thing of the past, but Jean brought the Wham-A-Thon back to the Milwaukee Summer Revel which she helped to run for several years. It was only fitting that I design a Moose game to go with the trophy.

I'm hand making this game until I can get a game company to pick it up. If you want a copy, see my Stuff page.

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