Tom Wham's May-June Colorado Trip part 4

The attempt at Buffalo Mountain

We searched for the 4wd road that lead up to the base of Ten Mile Peak, and then hit the Ranger Station down in Silverthorn, where I decided (against GFred's better jugement) that we could make it up Buffalo Mountain (rated very difficult in our guidebook.). We waited for Lara to arrive and she wasn't against it. By the time we'd stopped at Wal Mart and gotten new shoes for the trip, and then Wendy's for lunch it was well after noon.

Putting on hats at the trailhead.

Early on Chris discovers an acute lack of water, which lead to some snow eating...
the results aren't in as to whether anybody caught anything.
This was the only time I was in the lead of the expedition.

The view from the rear echelon (me) during one of many pauses.

Somewhere above 11,000 feet it got too steep for Lara, and this was as far as my legs and lungs would allow. A little bird took a bath in the bubbling spring behind me. Chris and GFred scrambled on to the next visual summit (around 12,000 feet), but it was too late in the afternoon to try for the top (12,700.) Here I discovered the cell phone reception was 5 by 5, so I called the summit party and told them to start heading down.

Chris & Lara

"I wish to camp here, come pick me up tomorrow!"
The altimiter around GFred's neck was very handy.

Good view of Frisco, Mt. Royal, Ten Mile Peak, and Chris. I was recently noodling around on the Internet and found a good photo journal of how our climb up Buffalo Mountain could have looked (of course these guys went when there was a lot more snow.)

A new engine on the Georgetown Loop

The only still I took of the Georgetown Loop Railroad.
I hope I can get some more from the videos.

Ivan, our mine tour guide.

We stop at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden to by a book about the CS&CCD.

Heading east on Colorado 52 towards Prospect Valley was not as much fun as
when we were doing it from the other direction on our way to Manitou Springs.

The Tree

Interstate 76 out of Fort Morgan. Smoke from brush fires filled the air
lightning displays and thunderstorms loomed ahead.

Our last Colorado sunset (thru the sun roof) approaching Julesburg.
By the time we stopped for a motel in North Platte, there were no rooms left,
so we drove across Nebraska all night, crossed Iowa in another rainstorm, and
made Lake Geneva by 1:30 the next afternoon. (Next time we're stopping for a motel earlier.)

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That's it for now guys, but
I'm hoping I can figure out how to translate some of the videos into more images to come...
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