Tom Wham's September 2002 Colorado Trip part 6

Farewell Frisco, Boreas Pass and Chili at the Como Depot

Useful at the time... now Memories

Frisco House and a snowy Buffalo Mountain

Chris demonstrates how he rides the Thumper in Denver traffic.

The annual group photo on Saturday before we depart.
Big version of above.
It took all morning to pack us up and get the house in order. Chris suited up in leather to ride his Thumper back to Denver. Since he didn't like riding it on I-70 we chose to go back over Boreas Pass to Como, and then Kenosha Pass. All the grades are much gentler since that's the way the Denver South Park & Pacific went.

We finally visit Boreas Pass when the Cabins are open to the public.

A pause on the trail (formerly DSP&P tracks) in front of Silverheels.

Why parents hate taking their kids on mountain hikes.

Jason does a tad of rock climbing.

We stop for Burritos & Chili at the Como Depo

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